Growing Pesticide Free

In 2018 we switched to growing pesticide free.  We want to create a better environment for you, your families, employees and the world we live in.

Beneficial biologicals are distributed weekly instead of traditional pesticides.

Other ways we keep pest under control naturally are sticky tape, scouting and manual removal.

We are 100% neonicotinoid free!

A Holistic Approach to Growing

We use natural bio-stimulants, such as marine algae, and beneficial micro-organisms, such as Bacilllus, to produce healthy and resilient plants.

Recycling Water

We use ebb and flood floors and tables throughout the greenhouse and collect the irrigation water in three 70,000 litre reservoirs and recycle it.

We also have 4 additional rainwater reservoirs which hold 1.1 million litres each.

The irrigation and collected rainwater gets aerated, recycled, filtered and reused.

Recycled Plastic

Over 80% of the plastic pots that we use are made from recycled plastic. In addition, our plant tags are printed on recycled and recyclable plastic with vegetable-based ink.

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