Workshop: Shady Characters


Date:  Saturday, June 15

Time:  2:00 pm-4:00 pm

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Do you need a lot of colour in a spot without much sun?  Make a statement by creating your own masterpiece made for the shade. Practice blending colors, shapes and textures with a wide variety of premium flowering and foliage plants.  Choose from hostas, heucheras, coleus, begonias, fuchsia, ferns and more!  All the materials necessary to create your container are included in the cost.  Registration is limited.

Included in the cost:

  • 38cm Embossed Brushed Grey/Bronze Planter (retail value of $10)
  • Premium Pro-Mix Potting Soil
  • 1 gallon (18cm) Hardy Fern (retail value of $8)
  • 1 gallon (18cm) Hardy Hosta (retail value of $6)
  • 1 gallon (18cm) Fuchsia (Retail value of $10)
  • Eight 10cm premium annuals and perennials. Choose from a wide variety, including ipomea, heuchera, lysimachia, coleus, fuchsia, hostas, begonias and more! (retail value of $20)
  • Fresh Forest Moss
  • Natural Decor

Refreshments and snacks provided.

Registration closes Wednesday, June 12