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    A Must Try for Chocolate Lovers!

    These delicious, unique, handcrafted chocolates are produced locally by chocolaTas and are now available at our store!

    * Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel

    * Fanciful Milk Chocolate

    * Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel

    * Milk Chocolate Canada Lolly

    * Milk Chocolate Heart Lolly


  • Monkey Puzzle Tree

    Araucaria araucana

    Monkey Puzzle Tree, also known as a Chilean Pine, is an unusual and attractive, evergreen perennial (zone 7b-11) that is native to Chile.  The Monkey Puzzle Tree can grow up to 30-40 m (98-130 ft) tall and 1.5-2.5 m (5-8 ft) wide and has stiff, leathery, triangular shaped, spiky leafs that are arranged spirally around the trunk and branches.

    This monkey puzzle tree is 6 years old and can live for more than 700 years, likes full sun to part shade and requires moderate watering.

  • Hello Helleborus!

    This shade-loving perennial is one of the year’s first blooms, and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. We’ll have a great selection when we reopen in February!